As the exotic stallion Sinan Al Rayyan had to leave for his lease period to Qatar he was used on two mares, both delivered fillies out of mares from the Saglawieh Jedranieh Ibn Sudan Strain. At Aljazira Arabians the Kehailan Ibn Rodan stallion El Thay Mameluk took over the position as the chief sire. He was used intensive and covered 22 mares including 5 from Bait Al Arab. The result was 2 fillies and 2 colts. One filly was aborted unfortunately. All his foals are from mares of the Dahmeh Shahwanieh Strain, 3 from the Bukra family, one from the Falima-Nile family. He gave large, dark eyes, well carried necks and very good pigmentation. It will be very interesting to see how they will develop.

Ansata Almurtajiz was available for all breeders in Kuwait for the first time in 2008. Like El Thay Mameluk he covered about 20 mares. Bait Al Arab got 2 foals from him, one very nice bay filly which will be added to the stock and one colt which seems to be promising.

Al Arab Stud’s chief sire Ansata Osiron covered 3 mares of Bait Al Arab. The result is 2 colts and one filly which seems to be exceptional. His pedigree full brother and chief sire of Kuwait State Stud, Ansata Sirius, produced only one foal, a filly out of a mare from the Obeyah Om Jreis (El Shahbaa) strain which seems to be a special one.

Just in the beginning of his breeding career is the elegant Ajmal Al Kout. He was used on one mare of the same strain and family (Dahmeh Shahwanieh – El Dahma from the Farida – Halima family) and the result is a very promising colt which will be raised at Bait Al Arab to watch care- fully how he will develop. The attached photo gallery will give an impression about the foals of 2008 – 2009 foaling season.



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